St Therese is graced with many skilled and talented brothers and sisters in Christ from all walks of life.

Our parishioners are actively involved in all aspects of parish life, sharing their unique gifts, time and energy with St Therese Church. Participation in a ministry is witness to the grace of the Holy Spirit working through each one of us, and integral to our vibrant, multi-cultural community.

Our ministry covers four main areas of parish life: Faith Formation & Religious Education, Liturgical Ministries, Service Ministries, Fellowship & Outreach.

Parishioners and visitors come together regularly throughout the year for various celebrations and liturgical programs. Annual highlights include the Feasts of SMI and of St Rocco, the Lunar New Year Mass, and the July Chinatown Summer Fair.

We invite you to learn more about the many opportunities to grow in your faith journey. Whether you are 12, 21, 51, or 81, we have a spot that’s perfect for you in one of our ministries!