Chinese Apostolate


In Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops remind us that: “the cultures of immigrants will only be able to enrich this country when all Americans—recent immigrants and those long settled in this country—open their hearts and minds to their neighbors and come to appreciate the diverse cultures that make up this society. Knowledge of cultures cannot just come from books, but must come from the concrete efforts of individuals to get to know their neighbors, in all their diversity.”

During a time when immigrants and refugees are more than even seeking support, compassion, and safety, Pope Francis strongly affirms the need for us to be welcoming, to reach out to our sister and brothers in Christ, and to not be afraid of diversity.  Rather, it is the diversity of the human race that builds up the Body of Christ and contributes so much to the improvement of our society. 

At St. Therese, we believe in our mission of reaching out to all immigrants.  More specifically, as the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Center for Chinese Apostolate, we offer services and resources to our Chinese immigrants.  This includes the full support of our Mandarin group, welcoming and assisting Chinese-speaking college students, offering free English conversational courses, and serving at the St. James Food Pantry. 

St. Therese Chinese Catholic Parish, in sowing the Gospel of love throughout Chinatown and beyond, truly desires to “get to know [our] neighbors, in all their diversity.”

For additional information about St. Therese’s Chinese Apostolate, or to learn about ways to support this mission, please contact the Parish Office at 312.842.6777.


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