Cantonese Bible Sharing

Our Cantonese Bible-sharing program is devoted to helping each other in our faith journeys of becoming better Catholics and uniting our faith and daily lives through the sharing of our experiences with the Bible. We do this through meetings, potluck dinners, reflecting on past events related to our spiritual life, discussion and interpretation of passages, group prayer and retreats, and by initiating special parish projects.

We meet monthly, on Saturday evenings, for three and a half hours, and typically require two hours of preparation for the monthly reading assignments. We ask that those who attend understand spoken Cantonese, would like to learn about the Bible and its application to our daily lives, and are willing to share their experiences.

If you would like to grow and share your faith experience with others, find the meaning of the Bible in your daily life, become a better Catholic and help others do the same, and prefer speaking in Cantonese, please consider joining our Bible sharing program!