As evangelists, we strive to reach out and share the Good News with non-Catholics, provide Landings for returning Catholics, and provide continuing conversion to, renewal of, and strengthening of the Faith. Members of the group participate in prayer and faith-sharing, help find non-practicing Catholics to participate in Landings, and facilitate group sessions.

We ask that members attend the prayer and faith-sharing group meetings 1-2 times each month, for 1½-2 hours per session. We also ask that, for Landings, members attend a 1½ hour group session each week for 8 to 10 weeks after Christmas and Easter.

If you have a strong desire to deepen your faith, a willingness to love non-practicing Catholics back into the arms of the Church, are a good listener and willing to participate in groups, and have experience as a facilitator (a plus, but not required, then please consider participating as an evangelist. We can provide a training session for Landings, facilitator training, and Virtus training.

Anyone who feels a strong relationship with Jesus and knows that (s)he is His true disciple, and anyone who loves people and sees the value of prayer and faith-sharing as a means of strengthening not only their faith, but also their ties with other parishioners and the Catholic Church, is welcome to join our ministry.