Our translators help unite our diverse parish by helping Cantonese/Chinese parishioners who may have English deficiencies to participate in our parish activities, with an emphasis on Sunday Mass. Translators provide homily translation from English to Cantonese, and deliver the homily in spoken Cantonese during mass, act as lectors during Cantonese-language masses, prepare the Chinese bulletin, and translate from English to Chinese parish letters, worship aids, PR copies, and other documents as required by the Church.

Homily translation requires a 2 hour time commitment on Fridays and Saturdays, prior to Sunday Mass (currently on a 6-8 week rotation). The Chinese bulletin requires a 1 hour time commitment per week, and more translators can expand our rotation and improve content.

We ask that translators be able to communicate via email, have the ability to both speak and read in English and Cantonese. Lector translators must be able to read aloud in Cantonese. Those involved in bulletin preparation must be able to handle computing and editing in Chinese. Translators may undergo parish lector training when available.

If you have an interest in sharing one’s gifts of language and wish to help others to grow their faith, please consider joining us as a translator!