Parish Transformation

St. Therese Parish Transformationon


Parish Transformation is a program designed to strengthen parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago and help them more effectively fulfill the mission that Jesus entrusted to us, his Church. Over the course of three months, the St. Therese Parish Transformation team worked hard to identify the gifts given to us and how those gifts can be used to further the Kingdom of God, and our team members also experienced great joy and a renewal of spirit deep within.

The community of people who make up our parish is our greatest asset. St. Therese is a COMMUNITY, which we believe is our biggest “Pearl of Great Price.” Our other “Pearls” are our multi-cultural backgrounds, school, welcoming spirit, sharing nature, and the Church itself. We intend to use these gifts during this Parish Transformation process to truly become the Church intended by God.

Parish Transformation Brochure 2015

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